Data Analytics and Visualization
at the Speed of Business

The ORI Excellence Suite is an all-inclusive technology package that brings clarity and focus to your sales and operations planning processes. We’ve built it from the ground up to help executives, managers, and front-line employees alike find answers to even the toughest of operational questions.

Companies use the Excellence Suite to Answer these Questions, and More:

  • How accurate are our planning and forecasting activities, both for supply and demand?
  • How can we reduce the bias in our forward projections?
  • What items, customers, or locations should we focus on to have the greatest overall impact?
  • Are we on target for meeting our annual performance objectives?
  • How many days of inventory coverage do we have, both at a warehouse and SKU level?
  • How does this new product launch compare to past launches?
  • Are the sales of one item cannibalizing on the sales of our other items?
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Functionality to Accomplish Every Use Case


Share screen views, present ideas, & receive feedback.

Reports and Analytics

Pre-configured best-practice reports and deep analytics.

Enterprise Ready

Enables multi-divisions and hundreds of users.

Performance Management

Scorecards, goal setting and financial integration.

Business Excellence

Perform and archive audits for ongoing monitoring of improvement.

Simulation "What-If"

Understand risk associated with multiple scenarios.

Reports & Analytics

Pre-Configured "Best Practice" Reports & Deep Analytics

  • Demand Gap Analysis
  • Multi-Dimensional Error Analytics
  • Cross Functional Drilldown
  • New Product Launch
  • Trend & Cannibalization
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Demand Production Comparison
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Facilitate Communication & Transparency

  • Share ideas between partners
  • Share with Large Groups of Users
  • Share screen views
  • Give and Receive Feedback
  • Present Ideas
  • Bookmark for fast accessibility
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Performance Management

Link Objectives, Goals, & Strategies to Daily Performance

  • Configurable Scorecards
  • Library of Measures & KPI’s
  • Financial Integration
  • Goal Settings & Performance Monitoring
  • Tolerance Setting
  • Link of KPI’s to Analytics
  • Create multiple scorecards
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Enterprise ready

Enterprise Ready

Highly Scalable Cloud Technology

  • Allows multiple business units in a single instance
  • High level of corporate security -
  • Supports unlimited users and data sources
  • Updates millions of records in real-time
  • Unlimited Locations & deep hierarchy
  • Conversion tables
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Business Excellence

Assess Yourself Against Industry "Best Practices"

  • Over 2500 Best Practice Statements
  • Clear Guidelines for Scoring
  • Ongoing Self-Assessments & Maturity Monitoring
  • Compare scores across users and departments
  • Share notes and feedback between users
  • Archive audits and notes for future reference
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Simulation whatif

Simulation "What-If"

Predict Problems Before They Occur

  • Multi-dimensional simulation across data elements
  • Understand risk associated with forecast variation
  • Real-time analytics tied to simulations
  • Multi-level simulation through the hierarchy
  • Archive scenarios and assumptions
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